Protestors in Oakland took over the highway this…

Protestors in Oakland took over the highway this week. The video footage is below. It’s unfortunate because Oakland really has no control over what they’re upset about. Oakland can’t change bank bailouts, unemployment, health care, or much else. These protestors either need to be in Sacramento or DC to influence the major decision makers.

Some arm chair mayor-ship here, but the Mayor of Oakland should:

  • Announce the City of Oakland has rented 500 busses and 2 drivers per bus
  • Each bus will drive to Washington DC, with only food/restroom breaks every 8 hours.
  • Anyone who registers at a website will get a quick background and identity check, and then be allowed on the bus
  • Load these 5000 people on the busses and funnel their energy away from the city and get it funneled towards the people they’re really angry at
The benefits to the City of Oakland:
  • Protestors are gone and the city goes back to normal
  • Cost savings because Oakland can stop paying overtime for police and avoid riot cleanup
  • Local businesses don’t get shut down by protestors so they can resume normal business (and pay taxes on it)
  • The port, a key economic driver for the city, is secure
  • The Mayor scores major points from both local businesses and protestors
  • If the movement actually goes somewhere, Oakland gets to take credit for funneling the energy
Other cities should consider doing this too.

3 thoughts on “Protestors in Oakland took over the highway this…

  1. While the idea is awesome in principle, it is far easier to go out to Oakland for a few hours/days/whatever than to commit to taking a bus across the country. However, I think that Sacramento is a great idea because it can be organized as a day trip or shuttle service or something.

  2. I am sorry to say I don’t see much hope for Oakland. The typical Occupy Oakland protester is unemployed and lives with their parent or is on long term disability of welfare. The Occupy gatherings are a place for these types to socialize with other like minded individuals; no doubt a place to score/sell drugs. They also get the “high” that media coverage brings. These individuals have no hope of notoriety as they have never done anything outstanding in their lives so seeing themselves on TV/the internet makes the trip off the couch and down to the protest worthwhile. These unskilled/uneducated masses have been given hand outs all of their lives so what is the result? Demands for more unearned compensation. The best plan for the Port of Oakland (BTW there aren’t many large industries to target in Oakland) is to move the facility and/or operations out of this blighted urban area.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Just curious if you have any data around the demographics of the people in Occupy Oakland? It’d be interesting to see who they really are.

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