About Me

Avichal Garg
(my email address is my first name at gmail dot com)

This site is a collection of random thoughts and ideas. I write to get them out of my head; I’ve found if I write them down I stop thinking about the idea. I make my posts public because these ideas come up in conversation and having a post to point someone saves time while presenting the ideas in a cogent way. I hope you find some of these ideas to be interesting or insightful.


I’m CEO & Co-Founder of Spool. I live in the San Francisco Bay area.

I was previously the Co-Founder & CTO of PrepMe, an online test prep company that was acquired. Before PrepMe, I worked at Google as a product manager on Search Quality (specifically fighting webspam) and then Ads Quality (how to rank advertising on Google). I also launched Google Transit and some other projects on the side.

Before Google I was at Stanford University for undergrad and grad school, and before then I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.